Friday, December 7, 2012

Friends With Benefits : My entry for the Get Published contest

About the idea:

In today’s chaotic life, “no strings attached” relationships are common and, there is no time or scope for love and commitment. Terms such as friends with benefits does not shock the society as much as it did before. But what happens when one of the partners in such a mutual understanding falls in love. Should he/she just move on or confess his/her real feelings. This is the basic premise of my story.


When Anju woke up in the morning, two thoughts registered in her mind immediately. She realized that she was not in her own bedroom and that Virat was sleeping next to her. She bolted up and with a shock comprehended what she had done last night. She had slept with her best buddy and her colleague, Virat. 

Did she love Virat? No, definitely not. 

Did she enjoy the love-making session? Yes, a definite yes.

Virat was just waking up from his slumber and reaching for his cigarette, when his eyes fell on Anju. 

“S**t, I am so sorry Anju. I shouldn’t have slept with you last night”, said Virat.

“Why, dint you enjoy it. Are you repenting it now?” countered Anju.

Virat said in a carefully moderated voice, women can be crazy in the morning-after. “It was beautiful, you were fabulous”.

“But I am not in love with you. Umm, are you…?” he faltered trying to put his thoughts into words.

“No, no, I am not. But I enjoyed it too last night, and you know, we could be friends with benefits. That is, if its ok with you”. Anju was a modern woman who was not shy to express her desires. 

She wanted, she got it. At all costs. 

“So it will be only pleasure, no relationships, no commitments?””, Virat wanted to be sure.

“Yes, friends with benefits”, saying so Virat and Anju shook hands as a sign of a done deal.

This was 2 years back, but things are different today. 2 years of closeness and intimacy has changed everything for Anju, for she has fallen in love with Virat.  Unfortunately for her, Virat is not in love with her. 

He was in love with Rebecca, the new girl in the office. As per Virat, Rebecca is everything that he always wanted in his girl. She was smart, successful, hot, a good talker and to top it, she could cook. In short, a marriage-material kind of girl.

Was Anju jealous of Rebecca? 

After a lot of speculation and introspection, Anju realized that she was. She loved Virat and she was scared of losing him. Should she confess her love to him?

But she remembered the deal they had agreed to.No relationships, no commitments. Sex with no strings attached. She had no right to point a finger and accuse Virat. He was not hers to claim. But at the same time, she couldn’t forget him too, no it was impossible. What should Anju do at this crossroad of her life?

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