Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Mom's Saga- "Breaking News"

It’s been almost 4 months since that early morning, when I took the Home Pregnancy Test and to my shock found two angry pink lines staring back at me.

Something like this.

My husband and I were astounded, as we were not planning to start a family, we had financial commitments and being pregnant was not in my agenda. We were not sure how when the baby happened. But as this new revelation slowly started sinking in, we felt a range of emotions within us. I was feeling excited, happy and a bit scared thinking of the nine long months ahead of me. I had heard some horror stories regarding child birth and my BP went a notch higher remembering these stories. My husband was also concerned for my health, as I have to travel almost 3 hours daily from our house to office and back. But this did not deter me, the moment I saw the pink lines in the Pregnancy Test kit, I knew I wanted this kid. I did not even consider any other options.

I wanted to write down all my feelings during the pregnancy period. After all this is also the golden period when you can binge eat, gain weight and still escape from snide comments. Being the incorrigible lazy person that I am, it’s difficult to maintain 2 blogs for me. So I decided to pen down (or key down) my experiences of being a ‘to-be-mother’ under a separate label, “A mom’s saga”.

Well, it's been a smooth journey till now. Vomiting sensations- In control, Mood swings- I was always a moody person, so no difference, I guess my baby is not fussy and that's good news to me. But 5 more months to go, and hopefully my baby remains to be non-fussy.

2 of my colleague’s wives delivered baby boys and few days back my cousin also delivered a baby boy. What’s happening? Has God stopped delivering sweet, cute and innocent girl babies to Earth? Well, if you are reading my blog God, I want a baby girl. Sigh! If only wishes would come true.

Anyway I am keeping my fingers crossed and I will resort to consoling myself thinking that, finally it’s a healthy baby that matters.

P.S: God, if you are still reading, a baby girl it should be :)


  1. @Prassanna ifeel a daughter remains a daughter throughout her life ......
    I am lucky to hav a daughter ...
    .I pray that ur wish will b grantd

  2. @ Suku: Thank you ji :P

    @Suma: Yeah keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. :) Well I hope your prayers fulfill ma'am.. congrats on this new phase of life.. and I wish and pray for your & your baby's health...

  4. @ Sunil: Thank you(from me and my baby) :)