Thursday, October 27, 2011

A ride in Namma Metro, Bengaluru

When Namma Metro launched in Bangalore on Thursday, 20th October, 2011, I couldn’t do a first day first show appearance. However when I had some respite from my work yesterday, we decided to take a ride in Namma Metro.

I and my husband set off from our house early at 10 AM (Yes, yes this is early for me on holidays!) and we were happy to see that there was not much rush at the M.G Road Metro station. The first phase of the Metro is implemented from M.G.Road to Baiyappanahalli stretch and we got a token for Baiyappanahalli. This cost us 15 Rs. per person which is quite reasonable considering the time saved when compared to travelling in bus or auto. The black token shown in below pic is used to enter the electronic gate and we hurried to board the Metro waiting at the station.

Namma Metro token
Most of our co-passengers were like us, in the sense that most of them had come for the experience and were excitedly clicking snaps. The entire journey to Baiyappanahalli took about 15 minutes and I was wonderstruck, because the same journey in bus would have taken somewhere around 40-45 mins. I should know, I travel by the same route everyday as my office falls in this area. There were 4 stops in between- at Trinity, Halasuru, Indiranagar and Vivekanada Circle stations. We were happy to see the kind of arrangements at all the stations. Security guys ensured that people did not wander close to the tracks and no photos to be clicked at the stations(all though people were happily clicking including, moi).

At Baiyappanahalli station, the line at the ticket counter was longer and we had to wait for 5 mins to get our token. And before we knew it we were back at the M.G Road station. It was an awesome journey and let’s hope that once this entire project is implemented it would solve the perpetual traffic congestion problems in Namma Bengaluru. Or is that too much to expect, huh?

@ Baiyappanhalli Metro station


  1. I remember the first time I took a ride in the delhi metro, last month.. was soo excited! but didnt take pics cuz there was a huge rush ..

    your pics are pretty :)

  2. I have not been there yet. It was a nice glimpse of the entire metro darshan...

  3. vow thx for sharing this.. the first look sure is impressive.. and hopefully as u said it should give some relief from the traffic woes..

    lovely pix and such a cute baby bump :) :) <3 <3 <3

  4. @ Defiant Princess: Thanks :)I am sure after a month taking photos will be prohibited in our metros too, but since it’s just the beginning, they have relaxed the rules :)
    @Ashwini: You have to visit once... It was an awesome exp :)
    @Sunita: Yeah, I am showing now :) The whole Metro exp was awesome. Hope they maintain the standards.

  5. I was about to say, "nice ride" & then i read Sunita's comment & forgot all about our dear dear metro & went over & peered at your pics & was like, ya!! it sure is a baby bump & then thought how sharp of her eyes to notice it or did she "know" it already?
    ok looks like i've rambled on...anyways, goodluck & happy times ahead Prasanna....whenz the lil one coming/expected?

  6. Thanks Sujatha... The lil one is due in April and yeah Sunita "knew" about it :-)