Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Griha Pravesh of our new home "Sannidhi"

Last Sunday on 9/10/2011, we had the Griha Pravesh of our new house, "Sannidhi" in Bangalore. All though it’s a small apartment it feels like a palace to me. I am taking huge delight in decorating and furnishing our dream home. The house warming ceremony was a moderate success and in spite of it being a long weekend, friends and family turned up to wish us well.

On Saturday we had a “Punya homa” and “Vastu homa” which is done basically to get rid of all evils from the new home. On Sunday early morning we had the Griha Pravesh and then the milk boiling ceremony which is considered very auspicious. After having a sumptuous breakfast of idly with chutney, avalakki bath and Halwa we sat for the “Ganahoma” and “Satyanarayana pooja”. The smoke from the “Havan kunda” drove out most relatives into the aisle outside the entrance of our apartment, but apparently the various medicinal ingredients in the smoke from the havan disinfect and purify the air within the house.

After that came the welcoming of all family members and friends. My husband and I took turns in showing around the house. We graciously accepted all gifts given so lovingly and in turn we returned mementos of our Griha Pravesh. We had packed beautiful key holders for the wall with “Sannidhi” stickers at the bottom. Lunch was served sharp at 12.30 PM and consisted of traditional south Indian fare like rasam, dal, kosambri, payasa, chitranna etc. We received many compliments for our beautiful house and the wonderful lunch. I and my husband had our lunch after bidding farewell to all guests around 4pm. At the end of the day all though my feet were aching and I was tired to the bone, my heart was filled with the happy memories of the day.

Sharing few snaps of the Griha Pravesh ceremony.

The house nameplate selected by my husband.
BTW the name was selected by me.

The place I like most in my home- The kitchen

The Ganahoma on Sunday morning

The apple of my eyes- my niece in the
play area.

Gulab Jamoons served for lunch on Sunday

The main door. The shoe rack has to be spacious
to accommodate my countless shoes :)

The cook preparing Aloo Bonda for lunch.
The milk boiling ceremony done traditionally.

The Vastu homa.

The Pooja room


  1. Wow congrats.I also like your kitchen ....just plain and simple....clutter-free

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your home!!
    beautiful home :)
    milk boiling done traditionally - that's nice

    i love gulab jamun...ummm

  3. @ Seema: Thanks, We have not yet shifted. That's why it's looking clutter-free :-)

    @Sujatha: Thanks to the purohit who insisted on doing the whole thing traditionally.. I love Gulab Jamuns too :)

  4. Congrats Prasanna :) :)...love the name of your house... :) :) and gulab jamuns who cannot eat them :) :).. you have a lovely house :)

  5. 'Sannidhi' what a beautiful name. I can understand, buying a new home is such a big thing. We take care of every single detail.

    'Haalu ukkisodu' is a practice to pray for prosperity at home.

    Loved the kitchen cabinets. Do post photos after you have completely shifted and decorated.

    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on a new mile stone!

  6. Congratulations.. Thhat was a nice narration of the happenings of a beautiful day in your life..Good snaps!!

  7. Congrats Prasanna. May you and your family prosper and be filled with happiness in this house...

  8. @Sunita: Thanks... I had other names in my list too, but Hubby liked the name "Sannidhi" from the list.
    @Sahana: Thank you, will post more pics when we move in :)
    @Ashwini: Thank you
    @Vishal: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the wishes.

  9. Congratulations Prasanna...
    Your home looks lovely.yummy gulab jamuns....

  10. (Though I am a bit late) congratulation ma'am.. your home looks really nice :)

  11. @Sunil: Thanks, we have already shifted to new house now and it’s an awesome experience decorating and setting up own house :)