Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stone Cold by David Baldacci

I recently finished reading David Baldacci's Stone Cold. I have read couple of his books before, including Absolute Power, which I think is a superbly told story. I am normally a chick-lit books fan club with my favourite authors being Catherine Alliot, Marian Keyes and Jennifer Weiner. But I am trying to experiment and read new authors, which is why I took up reading Stone Cold, all though this is not my first David Baldacci book. The book is majorly about revenge and political conspiracy surrounding American bureaucrats. Annabelle Conroy is a master con and on the run after having conned millions from the Casino king, Jerry Bagger. Oliver Stone and the Camel club have to protect her, but Oliver is also in danger because of his past. Oliver was part of the Triple Six , an American government assassin group. The Triple Six killed Rayfield Solomon, an American spy branded as traitor by his own government. Now, Harry Finn, Solomon's son is on a murder spree, killing each of the Triple Six members. The book revolves around how Oliver and his friends try to uncover the mystery behind Solomon's murder and how they expose the treachery of American senators. The book is definitely fast paced and very hard to put down till you complete it. If you love mystery, action and spy novels then you should not miss reading this one! As for me, I am planning to read a James Patterson book next :)

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