Sunday, November 21, 2010

Divine Justice By David Baldacci

I cant believe I picked up another David Baldacci!! But yes, I think I have yet another favourite author in my ever growing list of should-read-authors. David Baldacci has a unique style of writing which is gripping and its hard to put down his books once you start reading it. The proof of which is I have started reading books even when travelling in buses, which I usually avoid cos it makes me feel queasy. This time I picked up Divine Justice, which is a sequel to Stone Cold. I was curious to know how the story continued after Stone killed Carter Gray and Roger Simpson. This time around Oliver Stone is on the run after murdering 2 major US personnel and he decides to seek refuge in a quaint but beautiful town of Divine located in Virginia. Knox is assigned with the job of hunting down Stone but his boss,Macklin Hayes, has other ideas of dealing with Stone once hes captured. Knox is in a struggle with his sense of duty and his idea of righteousness. The Camel Club are right behind Knox in his hunt and they hope to find Oliver before Knox does. Right amidst this are the strange happenings in the town of Divine. Stone finds himself in between a major drug ring in the small town and has to solve this mystery before it harms the people he cares about. I liked the ending of the story and will definitely pick up another Baldacci book next time. :)

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