Sunday, June 13, 2010

Forgetting Memories

Forgetting Memories

I know he does not care for me anymore,
I know he does not want to see me either,
I feel sad, but he has moved on in life,
And now, I need to move ahead in my life too,
But I cannot, because something is weighing down my feet,
I try to lift my feet to step ahead, but waves of memory sweep me back again,
I know I have to carry on, but not today, not now,
For today, I want to with be his memories in my mind, his love in my heart,
Someday, maybe I will forget him,
But not today and not now,
For his memories are the only reason I live today,
Let me be how I am, because my pain, my sadness are my strength,
I will forget him and his memories, I will live a new life too,
But not today and not now,
Cause today his memories and his love are still close to my heart.


  1. If it has to done it is today..Memories that make us stay in the same place is not meant keeping close to heart..
    Painful and Intense Lines..Well depicted how a broken heart feel..

  2. Heart touching it is.. Yes, at times, memories are the only things that help you live.. may be we dont live, may be we just 'exist'.. but yes.. at times they are the only ones that help.. Well written !!