Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Post!

I have finally done it! Yes! I have finally started blogging. Whats so great in this, you ask? But if you know me then you will understand this is a great achievement for me. I usually don't do what I intend to do! I have wanted to blog from past many years! But finally I have done it now. What inspired me to do this? Well, a friend of mine recently quit his job in a multinational company to open his own computer sales and service center. He said me that even though his income is not even one-fourth of his previous salary, the satisfaction he gets at the end of the day is genuine. Hell! I thought if this guy can take such a drastic step to fulfill his dreams, maybe even I can start giving a thought about my to-dos. Well, I have at least taken a step, cause starting a blog, is one of the things in my wish list. I have yet to get to the item no 4(start gyming) in my list. Hope my fizzle does not blow out till then. Most probably it will! As doctors take the Hippocratic oath when they start their profession,I too will take my blogger's oath now: "I promise to blog on a regular basis and write more often. I promise not to bore my readers with mundane articles.". Did I tell you Item no 1 in my list is to write often, yes I write short stories and sometimes when my mood suits me, I also pen down poetry. Hopefully, I will complete those stories and post it! So till next post, Ciao!!

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  1. Prasanna, you have a great blog here. I am big fan of yours:) Keep blogging!!!