Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Review- After All This Time by Nikita Singh

Title- After All This Time 

Author- Nikita Singh

Blurb- What if you find out it is end of the road for you? Lavanya gets the shock of her life when she discovers that she's HIV positive. The revelation shakes her out of the monotony that her life has become. It's time for a change. She finally dumps her loser boyfriend, quits her high paying but extremely demanding job and goes back home to meet her family after nearly seven years. At home she finds a bucket list and she knows it's a sign of what she needs to do. With her is an old neighbor and friend who's just broken off with his girlfriend. Sparks begin to fly! However, what she learns is that you really need to live before you begin to love.

Review- This is my first Nikita Singh novel and a reader’s comment that she has written something out of her comfort zone made me pick up her book. I had long back stopped reading Indian novels in romance genre after picking a disastrous book by Durjoy Datta. Though I started reading ‘After All This Time’ with a sense of foreboding, fortunately for me, it was a much pleasant experience and I finished reading it in a couple of days.

The story starts with Lavanya Suryavanshi (I love the last name) who discovers that she is HIV positive and in a bid to really live her last remaining days, she quits her stressful and demanding job in New York and returns back to her parents’ home in Delhi. Here she meets her old friend, Shourya Kapoor and together they embark on a journey to complete the tasks on Lavanya’s bucket list. They also try to mend their broken friendship and help each other to face their problems in life.

The book starts on a promising note and the author has kept the reason why Lavanya ran away from her home after her college a secret that she reveals somewhere midway of the plot. I felt that the narration moved slowly when Lavanya and Shourya start their quest to complete the bucket list tasks with their  bickering and then making-up. But the author picked up the plot again towards the end.

I was glad that there were not too many editing glitches and the narration moved smoothly. Overall a light, enjoyable, breezy read. It was definitely a good and deserved break for me from all the dark, sinister novels that I was feasting on. J

Do give it a try if you are not averse to romance novels from Indian authors.

Rating- 3.5/5

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  1. I fell in love with this book from the first page and read it in three hours. It's a beautiful book and one I recommend. the prophet kahlil gibran book