Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge- Chapter 7- Get the picture

I'll Be There Beside You  
Chapter 7

Today’s Idiom – Get the picture

Meaning- If you get the picture, you understand a situation fully.

In the evening, as I sat down to watch a cricket match with a steaming cup of tea, my mother thought it was a good opportunity to discuss about Lalitha.

“They are bit old-fashioned but I feel bad for Lalitha. Maybe Bala anna is trying to protect her but I think he’s doing more harm to her than he can imagine”, my mother mused as I idly flicked through the channels realizing that the Indian team didn’t stand much of a chance to win the match.

“What is he trying to protect her from?”

Mom seemed to come out of her reverie. “Nothing. You tell me did you like her?”

“Well, yes, she’s an interesting girl and I guess I’d like to know more about her before reaching a decision. Lalitha too deserves to make an informed decision, doesn’t she? Let’s see how our meeting goes tomorrow.” I replied nonchalantly. But my mind was whirling around the conversation that I had with Lalitha earlier today.

When she had flared up with indignation on the way I had treated her I was taken aback. But I had liked the honesty with which she had expressed her wishes upfront. I now wished I had taken her mobile number because I felt like calling and talking to her. How a girl could affect me so much by just few moments of conversation, I wondered.

Unbeknownst to me, my desire to meet Lalitha had created a small commotion in the Shastri household, which Lalitha confessed to many weeks later.

“Why did you agree to let Lalitha meet Sudhir outside our house?” thundered Bala Shastri, Lalitha’s authoritative father, upset with his wife for going against his opinions.

But Asha Shastri was not so easily shaken by her husband’s temper.

“You don’t get the picture, do you? This proposal is the best for Lalitha, because I know Padmini akka. She is kind, mature and unfazed about the rumors of Lalitha’s history. Yes, Padmini akka knows all about Lalitha and yet she thinks that she is suitable to become her daughter-in-law. Don’t let your over-protectiveness ruin your daughter’s future”

Bala knew that his wife was just stating facts, so he sighed resignedly.

Anna/akka- elder brother/sister, used to respectfully address an older male/female.

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  1. That was a great read, so many emotions all rolled into one scene!
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