Friday, March 6, 2015

The little things that keep my little one happy

‘How time flies’ I wonder looking at my 3 year old daughter talking nineteen to the dozen about the incidents that occurred in her school. Ever since she was just a year and half old baby she goes to daycare and contrary to the opinion that kids with working parents grow up to be spoilt brats, my daughter grew up to be a very cherubic and highly-spirited girl. She enjoys going to school and playing with other kids.

I think she has taken after her dad, because he is an extrovert and very outdoorsy person, preferring to roam around and meet his friends during his free time. I, on the other hand, love to curl up my feet at home with a hot cup of tea and a good book in hand. My daughter loves company and she can talk non-stop for several hours. Whenever a guest visits our house, my little one turns on her hyperactive mode, shifting into her perfect host avatar. She loves showing off her new toys and books and engaging them in conversation.

I always joke that we don’t need any form of entertainment in our house because our daughter provides it for us. She keeps us in splits with her antics. She also knows when my husband and I get angry and then she comes near us and gives us a kissy on the cheeks. She has become an expert at gauging our moods.  

My daughter Advika

So it’s extremely painful when I see my active daughter lying listlessly on the sofa whenever she falls ill. It’s difficult to confine her inside the house normally, but when she falls sick she looks so dull that it breaks my heart.

Although she may have not inherited my introvert nature, she goes after me in matters related to sleep. I love to sleep and in fact I possess this incredible ability to sleep at any time of the day or night. My daughter also loves to sleep but when she was a baby she used to wake up often during the night. My mother-in-law and my husband advised not to use diapers for her because they were scared of rashes or she getting used to diapers. As a result she used to wake up whenever she wet the bed and although we used rubber sheets to protect the bed linens, my daughter used to wake up because of the discomfort.
This happened for few months and I noticed that because of improper sleep and rest, she became cranky, dull and inactive. Her teacher in daycare also complained that she used to be drowsy throughout the day. She started eating less because of which her health started suffering.

That’s when I decided to try out the new Pampers pant style diapers that promised to keep the baby dry all through the night. I was happy when my daughter started sleeping soundly and woke up feeling dry and without any rashes. She was chirpy and got out of bed feeling fresh in the mornings. Soon she returned to her usual active self and I was very happy.

I think for any baby to grow into a healthy happy kid, proper rest, nutritious food and stimulating interaction and play are very vital.

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