Sunday, February 1, 2015

Selling Buying Made Hassle Free With Quikr Nxt

Almost a year back, when my daughter started walking steadily, I decided to sell her buggy since she had outgrown its use and it was eating up precious space in our apartment. Instead of throwing it, I wanted to sell it so that someone else could utilize it and since my daughter started walking very early, the stroller was hardly used and practically new.

I uploaded the ad in Quikr from my office in the morning, and by afternoon I had already received a couple of calls. But the calls came at unsuitable timings, like when I was in a meeting or when I was talking to my manager. And since I did not want to miss out talking to a potential buyer, I had to excuse myself many times to receive the call, causing frowns and raising of eyebrows on the face of my manager.

Despite reasonably quoting the price of the stroller on the website, I received many calls from people asking if I could lower the price. So these phone calls did not result in a successful transaction. How I wished that I could just chat with people instead of talking to a buyer over a call. Also I was not very comfortable giving my phone number in a website that was accessible to anyone. I’m not paranoid, but sometimes people call just because they are lonely and they want to speak to someone!

Well, my wish did come true, albeit a year later in the form of Quikr Nxt. Quikr Nxt is a feature that was launched by Quikr early this year, and it allows users to chat using Quikr website or mobile app. This means that users can opt to hide their confidential information when posting a listing. Also, one can avoid calls at inopportune moments. This definitely makes the whole buying/selling process smooth and hassle free.  

So here are 3 reasons why I would prefer to transact over chat using Quikr Nxt feature rather than calls-

  1. A log record of the entire conversation means I don’t have to remember which buyer quoted how much price for a product. When there are many buyers quoting different prices, it becomes cumbersome to remember the details of a conversation in a call. But when I am chatting with a potential buyer, I don’t have to depend on my memory to recall the details, I can just look at chat history.
  2. Provide more details without having to explain in words. When I put up the ad for the stroller I posted few photos, but there were few people who wanted more details, like the exact color, or if there was a basket to keep the child’s necessities or if there was a safety belt to protect the child from falling. It was irritating to answer the same queries from multiple callers. Now I can just click photos and send it via chat to users. It saves time and energy, not to mention avoiding confusions over product features. It becomes really useful when you are selling products like car or electronic gadgets.
  3. The biggest advantage is I can respond to the queries of a buyer at my own convenient time. I don’t have to worry about missing out on a call with a potential buyer because I’m in a meeting or my phone is not along with me. I don’t have to be worried of a call interrupting a date or an important conversation with a family member. Nobody likes it when a person abruptly cuts a conversation short and walks off to receive a call. Now I can chat using Quikr Nxt whenever I have free time on my hands. This definitely is a handy feature to have for a working professional.

Thanks to Quikr Nxt buying/selling a product has become much easier and hassle-free.

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  1. All the best with the contest....
    Quikr Nxt is indeed making selling hassle free.