Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buying My New Car With Quikr Nxt

These days everything has become so damn expensive that to buy reasonably priced household items like a refrigerator or an oven requires considerable financial planning. When such is the case, buying a new and unused car seems almost like a dream, a dream that is out of reach from the hands of a middle class man.

So is there no solution for the common man who wants to upgrade to a better and new car for his family? Does the family all bundle into their small, compact car with no leg space without complaining because they know that they cannot afford a new car? Will the common man throttle his desire for new car? Don’t underestimate the power of common man! J

Because we now have quick and easier way to buy second-hand cars that are in mint-new conditions and at affordable prices too. Yes, I am talking about Quikr website where buying/selling old and used items is hassle free and user-friendly with a new feature- Quikr Nxt. So that’s where I logged into when I wanted to upgrade from our old Maruti Omni to a new, spacious and efficient car.

For decades my family drives a Maruti Omni which was quite practical for our large family and we have gone on many memorable family vacations in this car. We used to throw a spare bed in the boot space and the kids used to have a fun time singing to songs and creating a ruckus in the back of the car. I also wanted to buy a Diesel car, considering that price of Petrol has been skyrocketing in the past few years. 


Buying a car through a website is not very conventional, so many people would still prefer to go to second-hand motor dealer showrooms, but in this age where everything is available for purchase online without any hassles, how can buying a car be left behind? Quikr Nxt allows me to chat with the seller at my convenience and since I am a person who prefers to chat rather than call, I can initiate the deal through chatting. Also Quikr provides a host of options when selecting a new car, including cars from different brands, options to choose between different fuel types, cars with various features, with different makes, year and the flexibility to select cars that falls within my budget. Which showroom would give me so many plethora of options to select my new car?

Using Quikr Nxt feature I can chat with different sellers without having to worry about remembering each conversation and the different price quoted from sellers. Since the conversation happens through chat I just need to look at the chat history to compare prices.

Since I am particular about going for a spacious car with enough room to accommodate my large family, I can ask sellers to send photos of interior of the car. For any additional information, I can chat and ask for details.

Also since the primary use of the car would be family vacations or use of the car for official trips for my brother-in-law, the car should give good mileage and should endure rough usage and at the same time it should be luxurious enough to ensure smooth travel. Without Quikr Nxt it would have been cumbersome to call each seller and ask for these particulars which would satisfy my conditions. But with Quikr Nxt I can just chat and send my query across to a seller if I’m interested in buying the car he/she is selling.

With technology life has become much easier and hassle free. Quikr Nxt makes way for smooth and convenient buying/selling experience and it is indeed a boon for people like me who hate being on calls for long duration with strangers and are hesitant to share phone numbers in online portals.

This post was written for Quikr Happy Hour contest hosted by Indiblogger

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