Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Love Proposal with Closeup Cupid Games

So Valentine Day is just around the corner and all single men and women with special someone in their life must be planning to look their best and make the day memorable for their loved ones. And if you are planning to propose to your crush, then you need to read this post. Because I’m giving out ideas for ways of proposing to your lady love or your handsome hunk.

If you are uncertain about how successful these ideas will be when they are put into practice then fear not. Because I am an ardent Bollywood movie lover and everybody knows that Bollywood, over the years, has given some crazy and quirky ideas for proclaiming your love to your beloved. For example, I really loved the way SRK proposed to Anushka Sharma in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. You know, how SRK takes Anushka on a date and at the end of the date, he proposed by turning off the city lights and then a few lights turned on in random order to form the words-“I Love You”. So romantic! If you don’t know what I am talking about then go ahead and watch this video.

Of course you would need the co-operation of other people to make this idea work. 

In college there are so many opportunities to propose to your crush. On Valentine day the cultural team, quite thoughtfully, organizes Rose Days where guys and girls having a crush on the members of the opposite sex can send roses and make their feelings known. It’s all ordinary and even if a heart gets broken on this day, then it is taken not too seriously. There is always the next Rose day in the coming year where you can try your luck again J

But as we grow older and become more serious about the matters of heart, a proposal is do-or-die situation. If a proposal is rejected then we mope for months and try to bury our sorrow in a bottle of alcohol. So the proposal has to be impressive enough to make an impact and make your girlfriend/boyfriend say yes.

The classic way of proposing never goes out of fashion. A ring in the glass of champagne during a dinner date or a long and blissful getaway where you can serenade your Valentine with music and dance is always a safe bet. Make sure you pamper your girlfriend and say all the right things because what you say matters more than your gift or your actions. Speak straight from the heart and see your beloved’s eyes light up with love!

Think of more unique and zany ways to propose. You can go on air and send a special message confessing your love on radio but make sure that your valentine is tuned in to listen to your proposal.  You can also send lots of red roses with singing telegrams that gives a personal touch and your love is sure to be impressed. Surprise her and woo her by taking her out to the beach side on a moonlit night and, if you have a good voice, then sing to her.  

If you are more sporty types, you can also propose to your girlfriend during a football or cricket match by using the score board to pop out the big question. It is a good idea if you don’t mind a little bit of public drama along with your proposal J

I asked myself how I would like to be proposed and instantly this thought rushed into my mind. Underwater! Yes, I am a Piscean so I am a water-body. I love beaches and it has been my dream to snorkel and explore the underwater world in pristine waters. Wouldn’t it be romantic? This would require lot of preparation and pre-planning but I think it’s worth it. And if you think there won’t be much scope to talk while doing the proposal then you can always use the below idea of holding up a sign.

So hope I have been able to help you out by my suggestions on how to propose this Valentine Day. However you do the proposal, remember to speak straight from the heart and keep it quirky. J

 This post was written for Closeup Cupid Games contest hosted by Indiblogger.

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  1. Aww, the underwater thing is awesome and of course, your partner must also be a water body for that ;)