Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Settle Down Quicker in Bangalore With Quikr

When I came to Bangalore more than 5 years back, I was anxious and apprehensive even though I knew that my fiancĂ© who worked in Bangalore would be there to look after me and I wouldn’t be lonely. To be honest I had never been out of my hometown, Mangalore, for long durations and my immediate concern when I moved to Bangalore was a decent PG for accommodation. My work location was in Koramangala but my then fiancĂ©, and now husband, stayed in Basavanagudi. So I wanted a place somewhere in between these two localities. Fortunately for me, my uncle-in-law ran a PG for girls in Banashankari and he agreed to accommodate me for the few months that I would be in Bangalore before marriage.

But for anyone moving to Bangalore, my advice would be to sort out the residency issue first, because as is the case with any metro city, finding a decent and affordable accommodation is a headache in Bangalore. And if you work in an IT company, then the rent gets doubled automatically. After all you can afford it no? That’s what your landlord will say. How I wished that I had a website where I could arrange for a place to stay, a vehicle to move to and fro between my office and home, a service that provides home cooked food and other necessities. It would save me time, energy, money and make my shifting much more efficient and smooth.   

Here’s where a website like Quikr comes into picture and makes your life easier. When I moved to Bangalore, I had a tough time finding places to stay. And the PGs were so far, that just commuting to these houses, checking them out, talking to the owners took all of my weekends.  But with a website like Quikr which offers different types of real Estate- Houses for rent/sale one can just filter out the options before even visiting them and talk to the verified owners over phone. It surely does save lots of time.

Source- Quikr.com

The different categories to shop/buy in Quikr,

If you are single and have moved to the city with no furniture to decorate your new abode, then you can also have a look at the wide array of Home & Lifestyle products where one can buy sofa sets, dining tables, mattresses/ cots and wardrobes.

During the span of 5 years that I have lived in Bangalore, I have realized that most of my time is spent in commuting. I use public transport and although they are comfortable they do take their own sweet time. Commuting by your own vehicle or using a car pool with your co-workers is much more advisable. And if you are worried about finding reliable sources to buy a car, then you need not look further. Quikr provides buying/selling solutions for cars and two wheeler and you can also check out used cars in affordable prices that are in good condition.

Bangalore is a Mecca for foodies like me. There is something for every palate. There are South Indian Darshini hotels, Chinese restaurants, Italian diners, places selling street foods, North Indian style dhabas and upscale restaurants to titillate the more opulent and refined taste buds. But one food that is surely everyone’s favorite is home cooked food. After I relocated to Bangalore, I longed for Mangalorean style dishes and I missed my mom’s cooking a lot. But with Quikr you get to select the cuisine and you can also order yummy home cooked food by going to the Services->Catering options. There are also services that offer babysitting, plumbers, electricians, maids, housekeeping, doctors and many more.

Quikr recently launched a new feature, Quikr Nxt that allows you to message a seller without a phone number. So if you are selling a product on Quikr you needn't be bothered with numerous phone calls at inappropriate times by buyers. You can just chat with them at a convenient time and it also allows you to keep your phone number private. This is definitely a handy feature to have.

Gone are the days when shifting from one city to another was difficult and cumbersome. When you move to a new city, the initial days can be tough. Adjusting to the new language, finding a place by asking directions from people who don’t speak the same language as you, commuting between different places, finding a decent place to stay or finding a good school for your children; there are so many hurdles. But with Quikr some of these problems are solved. It’s like making a new friend in an unknown city J

So if you are moving to Bangalore, then welcome, because it is truly a lovely place to stay and hope that your experience with Quikr makes your relocating hassle free.

This post was written for Quikr Happy Hour contest at Indiblogger.

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