Friday, January 30, 2015

Pimple, Pimple Go Away, Never Show On My Face Again

In my adolescent years, the most common question that was hurled at me at all our family functions was ‘Why are you so dark skinned’ or ‘ Wish you had inherited your mother’s fair skin rather than your dad’s dark, oily complexion’. I was bombarded with unsolicited advice from garrulous aunties about mud packs or facials that would lighten my complexion, all with the guise of concern about finding a suitable match for me.

Because of my oily complexion I was an easy target for the ugly monstrous pimples. As I grew up, I spent a small fortune on skin lightening creams and parlor treatments to get me a clear, fair skin. Going to college was disastrous because I was introduced to an environment where every girl was highly conscious of what she was wearing or how she was looking. Every day when I got up, the first thing that I did was check my face in the mirror and find out if any new pimples had broken out or if the existing one’s had reduced.

There were days when my acnes were so bad that I wanted to skip going to college. If there was no policy of requiring minimum attendance, I guess my full time course of graduation would have turned into a correspondence one. I did learn a few tricks to cover the ugly pimples, like applying too much makeup or covering the part of pimple affected area with a funky hairstyle. But of course, I couldn’t go through an entire day in college looking like a ghost with bad makeup from a B-grade horror movie, could I?

So eventually someone would notice the zits and comment on it, or even worse, they would make conversation while eyeing the acne on my face. How I wished that I had the power of invisibility during such moments. I would listen to any advice on how to cure myself of pimples and then follow them devotedly at home. From applying toothpaste and keeping it overnight, to crushing garlic on the zit, to squeezing the pimples, to applying lemon juice on it- I have tried it all. The most unbelievably gross advice that I received on how to get rid of pimple is- to apply my spit on the zit as soon as I get up in the morning.

While a pimple may be just a physical problem it takes a huge emotional toll on the person suffering from them. Loss of self confidence and self esteem are the most important psychological effect of pimples.  I used to be shy and I avoided talking to my classmates because of my appearance. Apart from my circle of friends I never tried to make new friends or participate in the college activities because of my lack of confidence. Withdrawal from social life, depression and anxiety are also symptoms of psychological effects of pimples. I avoided going to family functions because I knew the conversation with my relatives would eventually end up on my appearance and how my mother would have a tough time finding a suitable boy for me.

Although my acne problem reduced (no thanks to the expensive treatments) as I aged, the scars on my face are still present as a souvenir from my teenage days. Few weeks back I had another attack of acne and the dark spots on my left cheek are painful memories of the dreadful days.

Black spots that are reminders of ugly acne

There are a number of factors causing acne. Stress, hormonal changes, oily complexion, unhealthy lifestyle, too much use of makeup, exposure to dust and pollution are the main culprits causing pimples.


Over the years I realized pimples cannot be avoided completely but I can prevent their occurrences by following some simple rules.

Wash your face regularly and use a face wash to keep your face clean and to keep those pores dirt-free. Use herbal or Neem face wash like Garnier Pure Active Face Wash that washes away the excess oil on face and keeps the skin pores free from impurities.

Always, always wash away your makeup before going to bed. Use makeup sparingly and avoid application of excessive cream that clogs the skin pores and does not allow it to breathe.

Keep your hair dandruff free and wash your hair regularly, especially if you have long hair or if you have oily hair.

Avoid going out in harsh sunlight and if you must, then make sure you have generously applied a good sunscreen lotion on your face, neck and hands.

Avoid binging on junk food. Some say what you eat shows on your face. I don’t know how much of that is true but I avoid eating fried food. I eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly and I try to have one day in a week where I avoid all the sinful stuff like chocolates, chips, and ice-cream and consume only fruits, soups and steamed vegetables. This is not only good for the skin but also detoxifies the body.

Drink plenty of water. I cannot stress on the importance of water in our daily diet. I have recently developed a habit of consuming a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey as soon as I get up in the morning. This not only gives you clear skin but also aids in better digestion.

Avoid stress in life. Remember that some things are just out of our control and no matter what we do they do tend to happen. Just blame fate and accept them calmly. Have at least 8 hours of sleep and do indulge in rejuvenating and relaxing massages.

Exercise! Get plenty of fresh air. Exercise helps in reducing stress and it gives you a glowing skin. Exercise makes you feel good about yourself and blesses you with a glowing face and a fit body.

So that’s some gyan that I shared from my own experiences. Do add to the list if I have missed out on any more tips.

A good physical appearance can boost your self confidence and give you that much needed to push to achieve your dreams.


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  1. I have a pimple right on my nose right now.
    All the best with the competition. :)

  2. Can identify :) I agree with your points, Prasanna.
    May no one suffer such pimple attacks...
    Best wishes for the contest!