Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review 2014 #15 : How Will I Know by Sheila O'Flanagan

Title: How Will I Know

Author: Sheila O'Flanagan

About the story:  It was love at first sight for Claire and Bill Hudson. They met at Claire's fifth birthday party and they were destined to be together for the rest of their lives. When baby Georgia came along, it was the icing on the cake.

So when a tragic accident snatched Bill away, Claire felt like she'd lost everything--except Georgia. In the three years since, Claire has devoted her life to Georgia; she knows no man could ever replace Bill, and the child needs all her attention. Now Georgia's a teenager, though, and there's one thing Claire can't advise her on: dating. And so, purely to help her lovely young daughter in her journey through the teenage years, Claire sets out on some serial dating. And destiny is watching, again.

Review: This was one of the many books that I bought from this books-by-weight store and the first one that I read from the lot. Sheila O’Flanagan has authored many wonderful books and I have read her book “Suddenly Single” few years back and quite liked it.

‘How Will I Know’ is the story of Claire, living in Dublin, and trying to come to terms with the sudden and tragic death of her husband, Bill, who was her childhood sweetheart too. Claire tries her best to the perfect mother for her daughter Georgia but she realizes that when it comes to giving relationship advice to her teenage daughter, she fails miserably.

So she decides to enter the dating scene again, just to gain more knowledge and to be able to help out her daughter in matters of heart and love.

This book definitely takes time to pick up the pace and in first few pages it looked to be a little dreary. But as the story progresses forward, it gains a sweet little life of its own. What shines brightly through is the wonderful, yet pragmatic bond between the mother and daughter.

I found myself wishing that I could have such an open and honest relationship with my daughter. Few scenes where Claire goes out on dates with men and ends being disastrous events are amusing. It’s a perfect summer/cozy read that is sure to warm your heart. That is if you can survive through the first hundred pages or so!

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. The story seems interesting and breezy. And that books-by-weight thing - I wish I could get something like that in my city too !!

    1. Thanks Jyotsna... Yeah the book fair was awesome.. I got some pretty interesting book to read from there :)