Saturday, April 26, 2014

April AToZ Challenge Day 23- W is for Why Do We Blog

I have asked myself countless times, as to why even in the midst of bustling daily regimen, where I hardly get some few minutes for myself, I sacrifice some precious moments of sleep and rest and I write, I blog, I post. And pat comes the reply that I blog because that’s what gives me my identity. I am a simple woman preferring to spend time in the solitude of my home. But when I write I transform into someone else. When I write fiction I can see the scenes that I write happening right before my eyes. I can feel the tears, the happiness, the fear that my protagonist feel. And once my work is completed I feel a deep sense of satisfaction that I don’t derive from anything else that I do.

I asked a few of my friends as to why do they blog and what made them take up the rigorous yet, fun,  A to Z challenge and here are some interesting answers that I received.

Blogging is the platform where I get to play the roles of artist, writer, editor, critic, poet and publisher with ease. I am the BOSS on my blog...


I love blogging because it adds another dimension to my life...It is something that actually makes me happy...I wouldn't trade it for the world!

This year, I decided to go with a theme. And I am writing on Marriage from A to Z in 55 words. Every day, I share a story in exactly 55 words about some aspect of Marriage. These are some of the ingredients that make or break a married relationship. These are some of the good, bad or ugly facets that we see in a relationship.

I love taking part in blog challenges like these because of the camaraderie. I simply love and enjoy the camaraderie of these virtual community events. The support from fellow bloggers and fun of flocking at each other’s blog is simply amazing.

Thinking about a new blog post everyday keeps the grey cells very active! These challenges certainly push me to think out of the box. A challenge like A to Z is a great event to network too. It is interesting to read and interact with bloggers from various fields, countries, expertise. It is fascinating to discover new styles, new perspectives and newer likeminded virtual friends.

Blogging got me like-minded friends who I can carry along with me when I move. Often when I write about personal stuff it helps putting things in perspective. Lastly it brings out the best in my writing, especially when I take up prompts - it makes me think.


Blogging is something that just happened. What started as FB statuses, and diary entries turned into a blog that is a collection of memoirs, stories, reviews, etc. My blog is my life. Although just 6 months into official blogging, I already crossed few milestones, made good contacts, and got few rewards that boost my confidence. I am not blogging to preach anything or not even to rant. I just want to connect to people through my writings and even if one person smiles after reading my blog that makes my day!

I started to blog to satisfy my curious friends and family back home. I have always loved writing and was a journalist for many years. My blog gives me the joy of writing just for fun and I feel free and happy to write about just the things I love to write about. The most positive unexpected effect was connecting with fellow blogger friends and readers all over the world. That makes me keep going.

Shy to face people and large crowds ever since my childhood, writing was one thing that always helped me to express my thoughts and my feelings. I couldn’t say out things which often I could write with ease. Seeing people express their thoughts, connect with likeminded people, help each other out are some of the things that got me started blogging.

And even though it’s less than 2 months of experience, I must say it was awesome.A-Z challenge is something I jumped into without thinking much. I saw the buzz it was creating in the blogosphere and I couldn’t stand to be left out of this, which seemed to be the national festival of blogosphere. I chose my theme as emotions thinking it would be easy. It has been anything but that! There were many times when I felt like dropping out but the writer in me wouldn’t let me do that. Here I am almost at the end. I have had tough times with internals going on and project deadlines coming up. But still writing a post and hearing it is good, lights up my day.


Blogging is my brain food. Writing was always my first love, ever since I was 12 yrs old. But No one, including myself, ever took it seriously. Today I write because my blog is my own private little world, where I can be myself. As a mommy, it is something I have carved out for myself. If I can touch a single soul, if my writing makes even one person happy, then it's an icing on the cake.

So have you asked yourself what it is that makes you write day in and day out?

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers for giving their inputs and sharing their motivation to blog. 


  1. This is such a fab topic, Prasanna! Something which is close to all of us!! Interesting to know the blogging whys from fellow friends and bloggers! Thanks for sharing my thoughts here :) ♥

  2. Interesting topic! Nice to know the views of these fabulous bloggers! :)

  3. Love the topic, interesting and unique :)

  4. Writing releases the images and thoughts stored in my memory. They come alive in the words used to express my stories. This is a good theme post. AtoZer

  5. I blog to entertain myself , my family and my internet pals!

  6. Very nice to hear the views of so many. It does give an identity and to be able to do something so meticulously just out of a passion for it, is really nice to think about :-)

  7. I blog because I want to vent and be read in that process. I too am not hear with wise words or enlightenment. I also am not hear to showcase my English creative writing or poetic skills. I have no skill and blogging is the one platform where you do not require skills. :D :P

  8. thanks for sharing my thoughts prasanna :-) it was nice to know views of others on the topic too :-)

  9. I find blogs are a wonderful way to express myself. I connect with like minded people, get to read awesome ideas and often find people who provide constructive critisism :) It's a complete learning and evolving process.