Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Review 2014 #6 : Done With Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra

Title: Done With Men (E-book)
Source: Goodreads

Author:  Shuchi Singh Kalra

About the story: When Kairavi Krishna, a writer for a popular travel magazine is invited to cover the Sunburn Fest in Goa as part of her job assignment, she thinks that it would be a good break for her. Miserable after her recent split with her boyfriend, Ricky, she hopes that some peaceful time under the sun and some non-stop partying would heal her heart that has been crushed numerous times by a string of loser and pathetic boyfriends. So along with her BFF, Baani, and Baani’s boyfriend Kapil she begins to enjoy her vacation in the beautiful beaches of Goa.

But when Kay sees Ricky in Goa, getting a little too cozy with another girl, she ends up drinking way too much alcohol and almost having a lesbian experience and then breaking her shoulders and ending up in a hospital in a comatose state. Forced to spend New Year’s Eve in a desolate hospital alone, she is depressed and lonely. When her doctor, Vivian D’Mello, offers her some solace by providing her with much needed company on that forlorn night, she feels a slight stirring in her heart.

Could Kay possibly be falling for the reserved and reticent Vivian? After her spate with bad boyfriends will Kay finally find true love?

My Review: When I read in Goodreads, an Indian author, Shuchi Singh, being likened to Sophie Kinsella, I could not resist downloading the book on my Kindle reader. And I’m glad that I did because ‘Done With Men’, is a light, funny read that has the ability to instantly perk you up on a dull, dreary day.

The narrative managed to put a smile on my lips, especially when the author chronicles Kairavi’s misadventures in love. The passion between Kairavi and Vivian is perfectly illustrated and I loved Vivian’s character. It’s difficult to believe that men like him really exist in our world. Kairavi’s character though lovable has her flaws, predominantly being reckless and a little hasty but, what endeared her character to me was her fragility after being in a string of disastrous, failed relationships.

Being a light, breezy read, I would recommend this book as a perfect read for those lazy, beach outings or as a travel read.

Verdict: A fun, light read that’s humorous and perfect book to buy this Valentine’s season.

Rating: 3.5/5

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