Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Visit To Mangalore

The greatest joy for any married woman is when she goes to stay at her parents’ place. For me that is Mangalore and last week when I went to visit my mother, I was so happy and ecstatic. Part of the reason was, before I left for Mangalore I was apprehensive about my daughter, Advika. She takes a long time to get adjusted to new people and till then she refuses to leave my side. But fortunately she took to my mother and my brother instantly, even though she hadn’t seen them for a year and the last time she had met them was when she was just a year old. So it was introductions all over for her, but luckily for me, she was very fond of her Ajji and Maama. 

We took Advika to a beach and she was delighted to play in the sand. She was amused to see that the sand kept slipping between her fingers and she was scared and fascinated with water. The Panambur beach, which we visited, is one of the cleaner beaches in Mangalore and also provides some fun activities like camel/horse riding, boating, Jet Skiing, Parasailing.

It was a very relaxing week for me, with good food, shopping, lots of ice creams and lots of love. Here are some snaps of my stay in Mangalore. 

The Gorgeous Panambur beach

The almost extinct sparrows were a delight to behold

The mesmerizing sunset

The colorful camels available for a ride at the beach