Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review- The Case of the Lucky Loser by Erle Stanley Gardner

Title: A Perry Mason Mystery- The Case of the Lucky Loser.

Author: Erle Stanley Gardner

About the story: A young man from an affluent family, Ted Balfour, has been arrested on the charges of hit-and-run accident and killing a drifter in the middle of the night. Perry Mason is dragged into the case when he receives an anonymous call requesting that he be present during the hearing of the case. When the ingenious detective sits through the arguments of the prosecutor and the defense, he realizes that there is much more to the case than what meets the eye.

He agrees to take on the case for Ted Balfour, when during the course of investigation it comes to light that the case is actually a first degree murder and that the victim was shot dead with a gun before purposefully being run over by a car. Perry Mason has to not only prove that his client is innocent but also deflect any bad publicity for the Balfour family.  

Will Perry Mason be able to free the young Balfour? Will he able to save the family blessed with millions from scandal and disgrace?

Review: Perry Mason books are always a delight to read. They are short, crisp and filled with twist and turns that keeps you guessing the actual murderer right till the very end of the book.

At 180 pages, this book is a quick read but it definitely does not fall short in action and suspense elements. Erle Stanley Gardner is unquestioningly the master of crime and whodunit novels. 

Verdict: A short, engrossing and unputdownable read.

Rating: 3.25/5

A special thanks to Suraj Mahant from for sending the book to me.

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