Friday, October 4, 2013

A Visit to the Bannerghatta Biological Zoo

My one and a half year old daughter has started identifying different animals in her picture books. So we thought it would be good time to take her to the zoo and show her the animals there.

Last Wednesday being a holiday for Gandhi Jayanthi , we took her to the Bannerghatta zoo. Here are some of the pictures that I clicked using my Samsung S3 camera. 

The little parrots and love birds having a feast. The family that eats together stays together.

 The lazy hippos having a leisure bath-time. 

Surveying the world from it’s perch on top, this owl looks majestic.

This crocodile with it’s long thin snout looks menacing and has the message “Keep away from me” clearly written across it’s face. 

This leopard was initially shy, hiding beneath the mammoth cages but later graced us with it’s royal presence by walking the length of his cage as if guarding his abode.

 A cobra on the move.

There were different varieties of snakes kept in large enclosures, the common ones being the rat snake. These rat snakes are fed little (cute) chicks and then the rat snakes are in turn devoured by larger snakes like King Cobra or the Vipers. A classic case of the food chain.

A Russel’s viper that looks fascinating and scary at the same time.


  1. I have been to there..I liked the White Tigers and the Bears...Have you clicked their Pictures?
    BTW Nice Captures.. :)

  2. I was there a couple of years back. Great shots from there.