Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Birthday Bash and An Adventure

I twirled around to see my beautiful dress spin and turn, displaying the colorful flowers emblazoned across the length of the skirt. I wanted to look my best, after all it was Aunt Meera’s birthday bash. It would be a grand event, I was sure, with lots of food and drink, dancing and merriment.

I looked like Cinderella going to the Prince’s ball.

The limousine stopped at our door and I quickly got in. Aunt Meera liked to celebrate in style, she had sent a limousine to pick up her guests and since I was her favorite niece, I got the best.

We arrived at the venue and as I got down from the car, I was struck by the wonderful sight that greeted me. Aunt Meera had set up a most lavish set for the party, there were brightly lit lanterns hanging, as if magically, in air. Heart-shaped colorful balloons were floating above, there were tables laid on the lawn and there was a gigantic stage set up where people were dancing and enjoying themselves.

The birthday venue
Aunt Meera came to welcome me; she looked so stunning in her black sequined gown. She took me to the tables where food and drinks were being served for the guest. I was astonished looking at the different cuisines, there was Indian, Italian, French, Spanish, so many assortments of dishes that my mouth started watering.

The food served in the birthday party.

I took a bite of the chocolate chip cookie flavored ice-cream. It tasted delicious and I was swept in the glorious taste as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the bite. When I opened my eyes, the party set was gone, gone were the balloons, the lanterns and the dancing people. I could only see a vast expanse of jungle. I felt scared.

“Aunt Meera, where are you?”, I cried aloud, now a little scared.

I could see four figures coming out of the jungle. One was wearing a saffron dhoti and there was a monkey in the group. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Chota Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu and Raju.
I with my Chota Bheem gang

“Where am I? Help me. I need to go back to my aunt’s birthday bash”, I pleaded with Chota Bheem.

“Don’t worry. You are in Dholakpur and you are safe. You can go back to your aunt anytime by eating this laddoo. But don’t you want to see our beautiful village? We are on our way to save the animals in our village from few thugs who are illegally hunting in our jungles. Do you want to join us?", asked Bheem.

“Yeah, do join us’, chorused Chutki and Raju while Jaggu was jumping excitedly.

I joined them for the adventure. Soon we reached the jungle where a few men with rifles were busy loading rabbits, birds and other animals in cages. There was a huge elephant chained and it was frantically trying to free itself.

“Stop you rogues or else I’ll smash you into pulp. Free the animals and leave our peaceful jungle at once”, shouted Bheem.

Suddenly I felt a hand at my throat. The thugs had caught hold of me. I panicked.

“Bheem, save me”, I cried out helplessly.

“Return back to your village, fools, else, we will kill the girl”, threatened one of the thugs brandishing a knife.

I thought I would faint with fear.

But Bheem ate a laddoo, supplied mysteriously by Chutki, and in a flash he had freed me from the clutches of the rogue.  He then proceeded to thrash the goons black and blue until all of them fell down on the ground defeated.

Bheem coming to my rescue
I went and hugged Bheem.

“Thank you for saving my life. You guys are wonderful, but I have to leave. My aunt will be worried about me”. Chutki, Jaggu and Raju came and hugged me, telling me that they had a wonderful time. Bheem then gave me a laddoo to eat.

Chutki, Bheem, Me and Kalia

As I took a bite, I was swept off into a whirling wind. I closed my eyes as the storm was hurting my eyes.

When I opened them again, I was in the beautiful lawn of my aunt’s house with the delicious aroma of food wafting up my nose.

I was feeling ravenous after my little adventure and I hungrily wolfed down the food down my throat. What an adventure Aunt Meera’s birthday bash turned out to be.

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This post is a part of the game ‘Nibble Promptly’ in the birthday party at A Rat’s Nibble.


  1. this is such a sweet read. and your lil girl is really adorable. Mashaallah. and i m so happy to have her in my birthday party.. i thoroughly enjoyed her adventure.. all the very best to the contest. :)

  2. That was really a wonderful adventure...And you kid she looks so cute.. :-)
    And just tell even I am huge fan of Chota Bheem even at the age of 24
    :-P.All the best for the contest.

    P.S.-Meera--If you see this,do send your limo to pick me up also,though I am not as cute as Prasanna's Daughter.. ;)

    1. Thanks Harsha :) Even I have become a fan of Chota Bheem after being forced to watch it with my daughter.

    2. haha.. Limousine is on the way Harsha.. but are you ready to Nibble Promptly and have fun..? ;)

  3. Ah! A lovely children's tale now. Great Prasanna

  4. That just made me go awwwwww...after reading...lovely :)

  5. A nice read! :D All the best for the contest!

  6. Nice Lovely tale. . . :) Have a Nice day. . . :)