Friday, August 30, 2013

A Whiff of Memories

I rushed around my house, my little feet doing pitter-patter sounds,
I found the familiar sari drape and dangled on it, demanding to be lifted.
I nuzzled my face in the warm contours of her body, so comforting to me
The whiff of spices and masala wafting near my nose made me squirm in glee,
Hauling me on her hips, she continued her work in the kitchen busily
Even today when the familiar aroma of garlic, onions and masala greet me
I peep into the kitchen to see her silhouette tinkering away briskly.

I placed my small hands in his big ones with so much love and trust.
He lifted me up nimbly and threw me high up in the air deftly
I laughed merrily knowing that his strong hands would catch me before I fell down.
A whiff of his ‘Old Spice’ cologne and the strong smell of cigarettes drifted across to me.
I loved his ‘manly’ smell, for a man he was, never lifting a finger on his woman.
Alas, fate took him away from me, even before I could call him Appa properly.
But even today my dad is my hero, a man who was always there for his family.

As I sat depressed and feeling lonely without a friend,
He came beside me and offered me a book to read, hoping that my dullness he could end
As I breezed through the pages of the book, the musty old smell of the books whiffed past me
It’s a smell that entices me even today, when I pick up a new book, fresh off the shelf
I silently send a word of thanks to my brother
For introducing me to this wonderful land of books, stories and tales of imagination.
I am what I am today, because of you, I say to him as I look up at him in admiration.

Shivering and terrified I crossed the threshold holding onto my mom’s arms tightly,
There she appeared with glasses perched on her nose, eyes that shone brightly
As she took me in her arms, the stiff starch smell of her sari floated across to me
The smell of chalk powder and fresh ink mingled together comforting me
She taught me my A B C D’s, she taught me how to count, my favorite teacher was she
She taught me to excel in everything I do, for that I’ll be ever grateful to her
In turbulent times I held on to her wisdom and words like an anchor.

Late nights spent studying, gossiping and laughing over a silly joke
The smell of strong coffee brewing mingled with acerbic scent of smoke
Partners in crime were we, sticking to each other through thick and thin
Confessing about our crushes and sharing a tear during heartbreaks
Birthdays smelt creamy, with faces smeared in cakes.
It’s true when people say that life with friends is like a rollercoaster ride
And my life seems so much fun, my dear friend, with you by my side.

There’s no scent as sweet as the scent of wet mud during the first rain
And in that first rain a fledgling love grew, two hearts beating together
Enclosed in his arms I breathed in his scent, his hot breath melting my heart like camphor.
When our lips met I was swept away by a wave of ecstasy.
A blend of mint and cinnamon fragrance sent me in a tizzy as we kissed for an eternity.
Lilies, jasmine, rose and marigolds lent their divine aroma
The day we took our vows and sealed our love at the altar for perpetuity.

There I was covered in sweat and suffering in pain that threatened to tear me apart,
Till I saw you, a red gooey mess in a tiny bundle, making me miss a beat in my heart.
You smelt of fresh baby powder, so pure and pristine, I stared at you in wonder.
As you suckled in peace, I kissed your cheeks, so soft and tender.
I loved breathing in your scent, so sweet and pleasant
Life has come a full circle, I think, caught in a fragile moment
The little girl who used to dangle at her mother’s sari petulantly
Now looks at her own daughter spinning around her playfully

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  1. wow Prasanna loved the way u have composed , intermingling the experiences. all the best for the contest.