Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

When I was in school and college I learnt a lot things listening (at least I tried to when I was not distracted by the cute boys in class) to the lectures and, it did help me in understanding how stuff worked in our world. But the most crucial lessons in life I have learnt by my own mistakes and experiences or by the blunders committed by others.

I have learnt the most important lesson of life from my mother. And that is financial independence for women. 

My mother had studied only till her tenth class since her father expired during that time and she was forced to give up her education due to financial reasons. She did try acquiring other skills like type-writing but her heart was not in it.

When she got married, she happily settled into the role of a homemaker. My dad was the breadwinner in our home while my mother took care of the children and house. And this suited well for them, never once did my mother express a desire to work outside the home. Until tragedy struck when I was around 4.

My father succumbed to heart attack and expired, leaving my mother a widow at a young age of 35. Suddenly she was faced with a scary task of bringing up three children and providing them shelter, food and education. From a cocooned world she was thrust into a world where she was left to fend for herself and her kids. I can only imagine the dread the she must have felt in her heart at this daunting future ahead of her.

Had she been encouraged to study further or had my father urged her to work after marriage, I guess she wouldn’t have been left high and dry. It’s totally another matter that she learnt to pick up the broken pieces of her life and glued it back together to make into a beautiful and sheltered life for me and my brothers.

But I shudder to think what would have happened to us, had she bowed down to the societal pressure and agreed to stay back at home depending on some of the relatives for money. 

I know that there are some men and women in our world who think that providing education for a girl is futile since anyway she will be provided for by her parents, brothers or her husband. But empowering a daughter, a sister or a wife by educating her and making her financially independent will help you rest in peace that no matter what the future holds for her, she will be able to survive in any part of the world, under any circumstances.

We need to make sure that every girl child is assured her right to education. She deserves to be free, and she deserves to be financially independent. 

Today when I look at my own daughter I make a promise to myself that I’ll provide the best possible education to her, I’ll be there to guide her but I’ll let her make her own decisions, I’ll be there to pick her up whenever she falls, I’ll be there to wipe her tears whenever she fails, I’ll be there to inspire her to get back at life with a renewed vigor and no matter what sphere of career she chooses, I’ll teach her to be independent, I’ll teach her to fly and conquer.

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  1. Much needed post, Prasanna. Story of my MIL's life. She learnt it the hard way too, so she's extremely supporting of women studying and working!

    1. My MIL's the same, although she has never worked outside her home. Sometimes when I'm too tired and want to quit, she encourages me and tells me the importance of financial independence :)

  2. wow! this is a great post. Education for a girl child is a must. You have hit the right target, Prasanna.

  3. Great Lesson learned and sure your daughter will learn all these good things from you..

  4. Hats off to your mother! Brave indeed.

  5. Very heartwarming post, prasanna.I think mothers all across the world are in some kind of universal underground club where they share the secrets of life. Our story is very different from yours but it also has the struggles of a mother involved. I am what i am because of my mother and the first lesson she taught me is that you have to be independent. Don't ever depend on your future partner to take care of your needs. Be your own person.

    She brought me up like a son. I hope to do the same with my daughter if i ever have children.

    I'm sure your mother's teachings will reflect in your child too. Best of luck and thanks for making my afternoon (again)!

  6. True story in thousands of families... thank you for sharing this Prasanna... hats off to your mom and you are so blessed to have learnt this lesson from her...and a special salute to your MIL too superb of her to be your support system ... lovely ladies you have in your life ♥

  7. Very nice post Prasanna, Every female needs to know and learn it. To her credit your mom did a good job bringing you up, to stand where you do today.
    My mother is a house-wife but she always told us, learn everything you can. It is another matter you will ever use it or not, but in the case you need to, you will know how to. And i think that helped me to develop my horizons to try and learn whatever i can.

    Lots of blessings your way. Your daughter is lucky to be brought up by a mother like you.

  8. Nice post.. Very inspiring story of your mother.. I agree with you that every daughter in every home should be educated so that come what may she must be independent to such a level that she can earn bread for her family..