Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Potpourri of Memories

One day when someone asked me ‘what is life’, I was flummoxed? How do I describe life? How do I describe living? It’s not something I think often, I just live, right from the moment I was born, to the day I’ll die, as written in my fate. I live without thinking, because that’s what I’m supposed to do. That’s what I was born for, right? 

But if I could prophesy my death, then would I be happy at the way I have spent my life? Would I look back into my past, reminisce about those sweet moments spent with loved ones, repent those harsh words or deeds committed in fit of anger, wish to relive those moments when I was on cloud nine, maybe the day I fell in love or the day I first saw my baby’s face. A potpourri of memories, zip -zap through my mind, as mentally I race through my own life, until I find that moment where I can dwell my thoughts on.

I close my eyes and listen to the below song and what do I see within my mind’s eye.

I see my dad lifting me and throwing me high, higher. I see myself laughing and giggling because I blindly trust my dad to catch me before I fall down. 

I see myself crying over my dad’s body, because he’ll no longer be there to lift me up, to make me laugh.

I see myself sitting on my mom’s lap and wiping her tears, asking her what’s wrong, only to learn that she had had a bad day at work and she’s terrified of spending a long life alone.

I see myself as a confident young lady walking across my college gates, determined to make my life a success.

I see myself happy, jubilant in my office on my first day at work. I know I have made my mom proud.

I see myself falling in love, exhilarated and excited, dreaming of a future.

I see myself broken, with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart and my love leaving me forever.

I see myself looking up into the eyes of the kind man who holds my hand and promises to take care of me and love me until death do us apart.

I see myself holding my daughter, cuddling her, feeling the warmth of motherhood gush over me.I promise to be a great mom, just like my mom was to me.

I see myself praying to God, for giving me what I deserve and for answering my prayers when I needed HIS help the most.

What does this song do to me? It makes me nostalgic as I walk down the memory lane finding comfort in those cherished moments, trying to recall the grief I suffered and trying to relive the magic of life.

This post was written for That Tuesday Thingy Premiere hosted at Indiblogeshwaris.


  1. Kaliedoscope of memories, fascinating take on the music

  2. Wow! This is nostalgic for me too.

  3. nice connection with the vdo gal.. liked it :)