Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Memorable Trip With My Heroes

It was late in the night and my daughter, Adi, was fast asleep. I ambled to the living room where my husband was comfortably lounged on the sofa watching television. I sat on the sofa beside him and we companionably watched a movie together, swigging beer from a bottle. Suddenly I sat upright and looked at him.

Me: Ashok, I have a confession to make. I have been hiding something from you.

Ashok: What? What did you do? Did you take out the car again and hit something?

Me: Noooooo. This is something I have to get off my chest. This happened last summer when you were in US for your project. I had been on a trip with 5 other men.

Ashok(now standing and fuming down on me): What? You had an affair? With 5 other men?

Me: Noooooo. There was no hanky-panky involved. We had just been on the trip. Purely platonic trip. 

I fluttered my eyelashes to show that I was innocent.

Ashok: Who were the men who went along with you?

I take out my purse and keep 5 photos on the table. I always carried them along as memories.


Ashok: (Sputtering) What? When? How did you go along with these on a trip?

Me: Well, it was Aamir Khan who arranged the trip and the others agreed to accompany us. We first flew to Netherlands. Amitabh wanted to re-visit his ‘Silsila’ days and take a walk down the memory lane.

Once we landed in Netherlands we rented a car. Of course we had to travel in style so we rented a Ford Mustang convertible car. With the breeze in my hair and my feet up I felt free and liberated. The company of handsome and debonair men helped too.

We visited the flower fields in Holland and Amitabh and I ran in between the rows and rows of tulips singing 
‘Dekha ek khwaab to yeh silsile hue
Door tak nigahon mein hain gul khile hue’.

 It was the most beautiful sight and the colorful flowers danced as we sang together.

We also visited the ancient castles and the serene lakes. Amit and I went boating in the lakes holding hands and singing 
‘do lafzon kee hai, dil kee kahaanee
yaa hain mohabbat yaa hain jawaanee’. 

Amit was taken back to his time when he was young and he got to romance the gorgeous heroines.
After Netherlands, Hrithik insisted that he wanted to visit Vienna where he wanted to see the museums and churches.

And since we had Ambi Pur Car Aqua Air Fresheners along with us, we were ensured that none of the smelly socks and sweaty shirts ruined our memorable trip. 

We visited the St. Stephen’s cathedral which is an architectural wonder. I was amazed at the spell binding paintings inside the church. Hrithik and I took a hot-air balloon ride and it was a truly liberating experience to be so high in the air and have a splendid view of the mesmerizing city. 

We also visited the Kunsthistorisches museum which looked like a palace with a dome on the top of the building. Being an art connoisseur, Hrithik thoroughly enjoyed himself on this trip.

The fashionista in Ranbir was itching to visit Paris and we had to succumb as Ranbir won us over with his cute charisma.  Of course I couldn’t say no to Ranbir when he looked at me with his puppy eyes and dimples, could I?

So off we went to Paris, the most stylish and happening city in world. We had to visit the Eiffel Tower and I had no words to describe the magnificent iconic structure. It was lit up in the night like a thousand shining stars and I fell in love with it. In some ways the city personifies Ranbir with it’s charming and stylish backdrop.


We also visited Notre-Dame de Paris, the famous cathedral. The Gothic architecture left me speechless. I sat down in one of the pews and looked around me, even as I watched Ranbir prancing around the cathedral with his backpack. I silently prayed that he find his love and settle down soon just as his parents had done so. 


By now we had an indignant and peeved person among us. Shahrukh Khan was most vexed because we had not listened to him. He was jumping around and insisting that we visit Switzerland. I had to calm him down and assure him that he was still the king of Bollywood and only then he agreed to accompany us for the rest of the journey.

And off, we went to Switzerland, the heaven, the mecca on earth. First SRK took us to Aare Gorge in Hasli Valley and even though we had to hike on feet the view was breathtaking and worth the effort.

Since SRK had done most of his film shootings in Switzerland he knew all the best places. 

Next he took us to Staubbach Falls where we stood below the water fall with the water sprays drenching us. It was really cold and my teeth started chattering. Instantly SRK offered me Cognac and said that it would bring some warmth. He kept insisting that Cognac was not an alcoholic drink. I said that I would prefer chocolates to a drink.

And SRK got me an assortment of Swiz chocolates. SRK is a sweetheart. No wonder Gauri sticks to him always.


SRK said that he would then take me to heaven. For a moment I panicked wondering if I would meet a fate similar to Shilpa Shetty in Baazigar. But he just took to me to Matterhorn. I was awestruck looking at the mountain covered in snow. It was indeed heaven on earth, a paradise. I kissed SRK on his cheeks for showing me this place and SRK blushed.

Now, I was left wondering if Aamir could take me to any place that was more beautiful than Switzerland. But I had underestimated the perfectionist.

We flew to Maldives where he had booked a resort right in the middle of the sea. Wherever I looked, I could only see the vast expanse of blue sea, calm, quiet and composed, just like Aamir.

We went sailing where Mr. Perfect gobbled a whole fish inside his mouth. We went scuba diving and explored the underwater world with the colorful fishes and ferns. Since we both are Pisceans, we took to water like a fish and enjoyed swimming and water-sports.

At last we had to come back from our awesome trip as all the men had to report for shooting but it was a trip that all of us enjoyed and had fun.

As I finished talking I saw Ashok was sitting with his mouth open and gawking at me.

Ashok: What happened next?

Me: What else, the alarm rang and I had to wake up from my dream.

I took a swig from the bottle and turned back to the television.

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