Monday, May 20, 2013

My Angel of Life

Since my daughter is at my mother-in-law's place, I have been missing her crazy. An afternoon spent moping around, going through her photos taken right from her birth to her first year's birthday bash amazed me at how her presence in my life has changed my life drastically, in a good way :)

Baby, come back soon. Your mother is missing you a lot :(

I was walking down the road all alone,
Determined to travel the journey of life on my own,
My loneliness silently scathing my heart away,
With a fake smile I kept the tears of bitterness at bay.
Then you came along wanting to match my steps with your small ones,
Putting your tiny hands in mine you pulled me your way.
You gazed at me as if I was your universe,
The trust you placed in me blindly made me anxious. 
You see, I was new to this too,
Every time you cried, the questions within me grew.
Am I taking good care of you? Am I a good mother?
But with time, things only got better. 
You rescued me from the dark pit of solitude
Your presence in my life has made it multi-hued.
You filled my life with new hopes and dreams
In the darkest of despairs your smile was a welcome sunlight beam. 
The pitter-patter of your feet as you rush towards me,
Makes me hug you snugly even as you squirm in glee,
As you plant a kiss on my cheeks and call me “Amma”
I thank The Almighty for sending this Angel of Life to me.


  1. very beautiful. a mother cannot bear the pangs of seperation of her child

    1. Yes, I'm just waiting for the weekend when I can see her again...

  2. this is no doubt quite a sweet poem and your daughter is really cute :)


  3. lovely read .. packed with motherhood !! all the love to the cute kiddo :)

  4. awwwwww...this is soooo beutiful and adorable! M sure she misses u more!

    1. Thanks :) The last time I took an update from MIL she was happy playing with her cousins :(

  5. Beautiful ode, Prasanna. Not there yet, but I can only imagine the kind of love a mother-child share! :) Hope the rest of the time apart passes as quickly as possible :)

    Ten Reasons why I didn't Post

    1. I hope so too :) The house feels kind of empty without her toys being scattered all around and her endless chatter which ensured that we had a 24/7 entertainment:(

  6. that is so beautiful.. and your angel is lovely.. God bless her :).. how soon time flies.. I think just yesterday you mentioned your pregnancy O_O