Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Review-Life is What You Make it by Preeti Shenoy

Title: Life is What You Make it

Author: Preeti Shenoy.

About the story: I love to read books, I love to write, and I love to sip hot cups of chai.
I love taking long walks in the morning mist with music playing in my ears. I love ice creams and I love eating chocolates. I love the beach and everything in peach.

No, I’m not doing a prose and rhyme post here. I’m wondering what would happen if one day I woke up and realized that the simple things I enjoyed in life and took for granted were taken away from me. That one day I woke up to realize that living itself looked like a huge burden to me, a task that I couldn’t accomplish.

That’s what happened to Ankita Sharma. Ankita is a bright, smart, intelligent and pretty girl with hopes and vibrant dreams. Armed with brains and beauty when she enters her college life, boys fall for her charm. 

As steps into a new life and a new city, Mumbai, Ankita has never felt so exhilarated. She tops her class in all the exams, her thirst for knowledge and books never satiated. But something grows wrong in the life of this smart, gifted girl. When the pressure to maintain her academic grades and her emotional turmoil is too much to bear, she breaks completely.

Can Ankita pick up the pieces of her broken life and start anew? Can she come out the thick shroud of depression that threatens to drown her life into a bottomless dark pit? You should definitely pick up the book to read more about Ankita’s life.

My Review: Some books tell a simple story but yet to manage to strike a chord with its readers, because the story is of an average girl/boy. The person could be me or you, or someone you know. But what makes the story so poignant is, it’s a story completely believable. 

Ankita’s story in Preeti Shenoy’s words left a lump in my throat. There are so many people out there who suffer mental disorders silently or even if they take help it would all be a hush-hush matter due to the stigma attached to mental health issues. How many times we have come across people who act weird and we refer to them as ‘crazy’ or ‘lunatic’ without a thought. 

What we fail to comprehend is that they are human beings too, they too have a life, they too enjoy doing the same things that we do. But they are in that state because of unavoidable painful events or situations that broke their minds. Sadly compassion, kindness and humanity have been replaced by distrust, suspicion and hate.

Preeti has weaved a beautiful, emotional story that I couldn’t find any flaws. At the end of the story one feels optimistic and happy as the power of faith and determination helps Ankita in her battle for survival.

Verdict: An inspiring, moving account of a brave, courageous girl. Must-read. Go pick you copy now.

 Rating: 5/5 (a perfect read)


  1. I loved this book.Preeti Shenoy has handled a sensitive topic about mental disorders in a mature way.

    1. I loved this book too. Preeti is an amazing writer.

  2. I read the book & totally loved it.. I think Preeti Shenoy is one of those authors who are just so real with their stories.. I read her first book too which is super.. A friend came from India & visited me and guess what she gifted me.. Preeti Shenoy's latest two books :) :).. reading it now.. You have done a good review :)

    1. Thanks Sunita :) I have read two of her books and find her an amazing writer :)