Thursday, April 18, 2013

Twist in the Hair Tale- Ramp Ready Hair

What is it with women and hair? We are never satisfied with the texture, length and the style that God has naturally bestowed upon our hair. A girl with curly, wavy hair pines after straight hair, a girl with poker straight hair perms her hair in the hope that her hair turns curly, a girl with short hair wants to grow her hair long and a girl with long hair, tired with all the efforts required to maintain long hair, dreams of chopping off her hair and getting a short cut that makes her look chic.

Come to think of it, we women are never really satisfied with any of our body parts or our outer appearance. Most of us obsess over our weight, height, eyes, nose, lips, hair and…, you get it, right?

I’m no different. I have a permanent fixation over my hair style and texture. I have shoulder length hair that tends to curl at the ends. I love to have straight hair and even got myself a hair straightener. But after burning my scalp a few times, I threw the straightener to the back of my wardrobe where I have never see it again.

When I was a child, I used to get lots of compliments for my hair. 

“Ooh, your hair is so thick and shiny, beta” or “Wow, look at your hair, it is so dark and glossy”.

Aunties used to heap praises on my hair. I felt my hair was my prize asset.

Until I got introduced to the plethora of choices under the shampoo and conditioner products. I used a shampoo from a company that claimed to remove all dandruff from hair, but unfortunately my hair also fell along with the dandruff. I shifted to another hair care product and my hair fall reduced but it left my hair dry, rough and coarse.

The irony is, as a child I used a bathing soap on my hair and my hair didn’t complain. But now of course, I wouldn’t even think of using soap on my hair even in my dreams. No, no. 

So here I was still in search of a hair care product that will not make my hair dry and that which will not make my hair fall like those dead leaves during autumn.

Few weeks back I started using TRESemmé hair care products with lots of trepidation. I didn’t want my old hair fall problem back, but my hair was badly damaged. It was dry and coarse and every time I went to the saloon to cut it, the girl there used to shake her head sadly with loud ‘tut-tut’ sounds.

I applied for TRESemmé smooth and shine products; I have been using them for a week now. The shampoo and conditioner does make my hair look smooth and glossy. I love the fragrance too. And I have not had any hair fall problems due to the usage of the new products. So all’s well until now.

So here are a few DIY hairstyles that I tried on my hair along with steps.

I have very less time to get ready for office in the morning so most of these hairstyles can be done in a jiffy and they make me look decent.

 The Side Braid hairstyle:


After combing you hair , part your hair at the center and take two small sections of hair at either side.

Tie the remaining hair at the back with a funky band, you can either braid it or just tie into a ponytail.

Make two braids with the small section of hair in the front and pull it back and secure it with a hairpin.

The end result is as below- this look can be flaunted with western as well as traditional attire. It also looks good with long hair.








Butterfly ponytail:

The DIY video is available by TRESemmé

And the below picture is my attempt. Although my hair, at medium length and curled at the ends, looks more like a caterpillar hairstyle :-)

For more such awesome and creative hairstyles do visit the TRESemmé youtube DIY videos
The below post is a contest entry for TRESemmé at Indiblogger.


  1. Loved the caterpillar hair style.

  2. You've got patience! :) I often thinking of wanting to try DIY hairstyles but finally in the end, I end up getting it chopped off! :) Soap on hair sounds like the best bet, no?

    1. Me and patient? I usually walk into my office with my hair uncombed. It's the first time that I am trying a DIY hairstyle :P

  3. The butterfly style is really good. I try that at times, now that my hair has grown long:) And you have beautiful hair! Best wishes for the contest :)