Friday, April 26, 2013

Memories Frozen In a Picture Frame

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Photos are windows to memories, memories that are buried deep under the slush of time, memories that bring a smile on my lips as I fondly remember the time that the photo was clicked and people with their expressions captured in the image eternally. People may move on, times may no longer be the same but, photos give us an opportunity to revisit the memories and cherish the moment forever.

                  आँखों ही आँखों में इशारा हो गया बैठे  बैठे जीने का सहारा हो गया
This is my favorite photo from my albums. It was captured when I was around 4 years old. This photo was taken at my school play and frankly I don’t remember much about it. I have some hazy memories of the play, like a series of flash images that are unrelated to each other. 

I am second from right, in the back, with the blue dress. Do you notice something strange about me? No? I don’t blame you. The fact that I am not focused on the photographer or audience but my eyes are desperately seeking someone else’s can be easily missed.

Now look at the boy, second from left in the front row. Yes, the one whose head is turned away from the audience. And follow the direction of his hawk like focus. Yes, you got it right. We both are busy staring at each other. 

He’s Nikhil, my boyfriend from childhood :-)

It’s amazing how our memories can be selective, even though I don’t remember much about other things, I remember Nikhil. I remember how he used to follow me everywhere in the school grounds, how we used to share our lunches together, how we used to stick to each other in school. I wonder where he is now and if he remembers me, his childhood sweetheart.

I would like to know about their favorite photos from these 3 bloggers, because I know they’ll have lots of beautiful memories stashed away in their photo albums too.

The details of “'One Picture From My Photo Album' Contest! “can be found here

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  1. It is always nice to go through old photographs. It's like kind of reliving the memories. A trip down the lane :-)

    1. Yeah, that's my favorite time-pass. I love pouring over old photos and feel nostalgic about it :)

  2. Very cute one, Prasanna! All the best!

  3. I was caught up with work prasanna. That is why couldn't reply earlier. Thank you so much for the tag! My work schedule has changed. So kind of in a frenzy these days. I am going to find it difficult to post regularly :-/ If not for the contest, i will try and come up with a post sometime next month :)

    And your photograph is so cute! Its amazing how certain thought bits linger for long. Oh and he must have been gutsy to stare like that on stage! ;)

    1. Oh, hope you find some time to post regularly Maliny, will miss your wonderful posts :)

  4. Lovely post. Find Nikhil on Facebook. :)
    All the best!

    1. Well I could if I knew his surname :P And now that I'm married what would I do even if I found him :):)