Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Proud to be a woman

Image Source: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com

Yes, I’m a woman
But that doesn’t mean I’m to be treated with scorn
Yes, I’m a woman
But that doesn’t mean I’m to be killed even before I’m born.

You call me sister, you call me mother
You worship me as a Goddess placing me on a high stand
But then you abuse me, my voice you try to smother
You trample me under your feet and feel that you have the upper hand.

The weaker sex is how you refer to me
In the name of rituals and customs, my freedom you try to constrain
But what you fail to see,
Is my strength, through all the pain I still sustain.

I am known for my kind nature and my benevolence
But when needed I can be fierce like the dark Goddess too
My silence is not to be mistaken for a sign of impuissance
My years of compliance has been wrongly construed

Yes, I’m a woman
For millions of years I have suffered all abuses against me silently,
Yes, I’m a woman
And it’s time that I take my place in society that’s mine rightfully.


  1. Very true... Proud to be a woman :)

  2. Ahh...inspiring and a very optimistic approach..loved the ending :)