Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is Love?

Ugghhh! I am not sure how I come up with such corny titles for my blog post. But then, that’s me-filmy and exaggerating always. So anyways, I have had this question in my mind for a long time now, how do you know that you truly love a person? How do you define the feeling that you have towards your beloved ones, be it your spouse or parents or children or siblings. How do we put that emotion in words?

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Until recently I had no clue. But then few days back a small incident made me understand a bit more about love. We had a function at our house and my entire family (my mother, my 2 elder brothers, my sis-in-law and my niece) came down from Mangalore. On the day they arrived, they were tired of travelling and that afternoon after lunch, all of us were planning for a nap. I was really tired because of all the work during the function time and desperately needed a nap. Seizing this opportunity my li’l niece Shreya (who is all of one and a half years) decided she wanted to play (this translates to screaming loudly and running wildly all around the place). Because of her none of us could sleep, so I did something that took me by surprise too. I volunteered to take her out and play with her till she fell asleep. Every bone in my body were complaining and I desperately needed some rest and but I assured everyone that I was not feeling sleepy. Later on thinking about it, I understood that I did this because I loved my family so much that I wanted them to be comfortable and for this I was happy to sacrifice my needs. Isn’t this what love is made of? When you truly love a person, no amount of sacrifice is too much. Compromises are made without any grudges or complaints.

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But not everything is lovey-dovey. I think we take utmost liberties with the person we love the most. For example there are only few people who have really taken the brunt of my anger. The top in the list are my husband and my mother. Few days back I and my mom had some petty argument. And I said her not to come visit me in my house at Bangalore. This happened as she was returning back to her place in Mangalore.
The instant the words came out of my mouth, I was guilt ridden. Of course this isn’t the first time I have spoken rudely to mom, but I don’t know I have been feeling awfully guilty about it. I can speak so harshly only to my mom and my husband maybe because I know they won’t take me seriously or because I am comfortable with them to speak my mind.

Source: http://heymissawesome.tumblr.com/

So according to me love is when you are ready to sacrifice your desires, your happiness for the person you love and you don’t even have second thoughts on it. Also, when you truly love a person there is no need to fake or hide your true emotions. You can be yourself without having to mask your true feelings. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t do let me know how would you define the love you feel towards your beloved ones.


  1. a nice post Prasanna..yes i totally agree with you when you say you should be able to be yourself in front of your love... but it is the sacrifice part that I have inhibitions on...I will certainly do everything i am supposed to ...but over the years with all my relationships family or friends, i have learnt that if you do not love yourself enough and keep doing things for others you are bound to be hurt...no matter what one says human heart is not free of expectation of return gesture..its purely based on my exp..but it took me 30 years to realise this.. :) :) :)

  2. I do not think the title is corny Prasanna. It is apt. What is love? It is the way you perceive.
    There may be a lot of definitions of love to which you may nod your head, there will be many definitions in future too.
    So, as long as you feel warm at heart and things are going well, there is the fire of love at heart!
    Wonderful write-up. Liked the niece incident :)

  3. A hundred hearts would be too few. To carry all my love for you. Wonderful write up!
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  4. Actually there is no way as to exactly describe nor a definition for 'LOVE'
    But as u said its true we will go to any extent to make them comfortable n happy May b this is are way of lettin them know how much v care and love them.We take the liberty to shout n fight with them coz v lov them n they r the ones close to our heart.

  5. A very nice post prasanna ma'am.. You have indeed described it beautifully. And yes, it makes sense, it really does..
    Loved this post..